Fall Retreat 2018

The first weekend of October, the Lighthouse community made the first trip of the year to Harbor Creek Lodge (more commonly known as “Jim’s Cabin) for our annual Fall Retreat. Fall Retreat is always a special time for the community to connect while building new relationships and strengthening old ones. Here is a collection of [...]

A New Beginning

Kayla Hipp, Full-time Intern Who knew writing a casual, fun yet engaging blog post could be such an intimidating task? College did not prepare me for this kind of laid back, relatable writing without any footnotes or cited evidence. This past month, I’ve had to navigate all kinds of new and unfamiliar situations as I have [...]

Inside Scoop on the Internship

Bri Morrison, Fulltime Intern Can you believe that it’s already March? Because I sure can’t. My time as an intern for TCM is already over halfway finished, and this year has felt like a whirlwind. Before the internship, I was a part of Lighthouse for all four of my years on campus at UPS. I [...]

Welcome! Welcome Back! Hi.

Life is meaningless. Work is meaningless. Love and wealth and power and wisdom- it’s all just meaningless

For a New Beginning

Rev. Christy Fisher, Director of TCM My family and I just finished our audio version of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison (yes, it was a book on tape) when we turned off I-5 and merged onto Union Ave, following the signs to the University of Puget Sound and eventually the designated parking lot for my [...]

A Farewell

When I moved to Tacoma six years ago to begin working with TCM, I could not have imagined how much this ministry would come to mean to me.


Cody Lail, our Executive Director for the past six years, recently informed the TCMBoard of his plans to leave TCM at the end of the summer to pursue further education toward a career in counseling

Everything is Habel

Life is meaningless. Work is meaningless. Love and wealth and power and wisdom- it’s all just meaningless

The Driving Force

The more time I spend here with TCM and the students of Lighthouse, the more frequently I end up sharing the story of how I “randomly” ended up interning with TCM.

Feeling “LOST”

We often use the word “service” when we talk about pouring time and energy into others, especially if those people are in some way “poor” or “needy”.

Handprints and Burnt Soil

Last weekend, I went home for a few days to help my parents prepare my childhood home for sale. Since I moved out of that house 13 years ago, I've lived in 8 different homes.

Reigniting My Call to Serve

In high school, I was highly involved in community service. I spent every other Friday night volunteering at my local YMCA, served food with my family at the local soup kitchen, and tutored Hispanic children in English at a local church.

Graduation & Reformation

My calendar tells me that 4 years ago today, I sat down to start working on TCM’s Fall Newsletter for the first time.

Reflecting on Mexico

Thanks to the support of my family, the leadership team’s tireless planning efforts, and the enthusiasm within the Lighthouse community

The Final Countdown

Here we are again, in the last few weeks of another spring semester, with everything crunching in on us at once

Hello, My Name is David

Hello. My name is David, and I am very proud.

Invested for Life

Last week we conducted interviews in order to hire two new student interns for next year’s leadership team.

Present Tense

This is the week where things pick up again. Our first four days of class belong to syllabi, class introductions,

God the Zamboni Driver

While ice skating with our Lighthouse community on Wednesday I heard, “I sure wish the ice wasn’t so rough,” quite a few times. That got me thinking, the Zamboni is right there,

Late Thanksgiving

Ask anyone on campus and most of them will tell you that this semester has been extraordinarily difficult.


So, something interesting happened to me this week

God Doesn’t Need Prayer

I don’t like prayer. I don’t think I ever have. As you can imagine, this caused some internal conflict growing up in my conservative Christian home

Learning to Live in Community

I came to college last year with a deep desire to explore my faith. I was raised in the Church, and by the time I left for college

Fellowship Starts With Relationship

Can you imagine walking into Kilworth basement on a Tuesday night to a room of strangers, with Cody expecting you to explain and discuss your feelings about hell or controversial topics?

God Is Opportunity

As many of you dear readers know, I’m the resident member of Lighthouse who comes from a Muslim background.

The Hidden Magic of Fall

To me one of the most wonderful sensations comes from walking around on that perfect autumn day. Many people say this is because that the air is just crisp enough

Asking My Own Questions

And so begins October, the air crisp and chilly, the leaves turning brilliant shades of rouge and amber, midterms just around the corner, and a new semester

Six More Tuesdays

I did not grow up in the church. My family didn’t go to church. This one time my friend tried to convert me to Mormonism, and I was like, “sure” and my mom was like, “no.”

Questions and Answers

I think everyone comes to college with questions: Who am I going to be friends with? Where am I living? Is my roommate crazy?

The Dark Night of the Soul

Has anyone experienced the feeling that your soul was tied up in a kind of gridlock? Like a traffic jam of sorts where you just can’t move.


Crap. It’s today. I’ve been dreading today. What a stupid day. What a stupid tradition. I hate this. This is humiliating.

The Global Light Source

Recently I was given the privilege to go see Hillsong United play live at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington, with over 20,000 people in attendance. All of these people came from different places,

A Field Guide to Logger Life

Alright, folks welcome to the earliest (and last) draft of The Micah Coleman Campbell Field Guide to the Logger Life!

The Meeting From Hell

The weeks following Spring Break are interesting ones indeed. We expect to come back rested and revitalized, ready to plow through the final eight weeks of the school year

Roots Run Deep

The great thing about Puget Sound and a community like Lighthouse is the intensive discussion and dialogue that takes place anywhere and everywhere and with everyone.

It’s Okay to Feel

It seems safe to say that life has been rough lately with sickness, death, school work, heart break, and some confusion as to why life works the way it does.

Raise Your Hand

“No talking. Keep your blindfolds on.” Every Wednesday, each Residence Life staff team meets to talk about upcoming events, chat about our communities, and grow as a group through team-building exercises.

Pray Incessantly?

So. We just had Lighthouse Unplugged this week, and we focused on the topic of prayer. If I’m being at all honest, I was pretty certain that we would have a fairly homogeneous group that agreed

What Happens at Estrofest…

There’s just something that happens during Lighthouse retreats that cannot be duplicated in any other event that we put on. I’m not sure if it can be attributed to sheer joy at being off campus

The Case for Love

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been sitting here, staring at a blank word document; typing a little bit, reading it again, then deleting it only to stare at the white screen once more.

Cheerleading Squad

Let’s be honest, new semesters are a mix of pure joy and pure hell. After being home for five weeks, it seems like everyone just wants to come back to the beautiful Puge

Did Jesus Hate Broccoli?

And Other Theologically Irrelevant Questions About the Christ...Was Jesus an annoying baby? Was the son of God a bratty toddler?


When I’m at home I’m torn between two churches: the church where I grew up and a church geared towards a college demographic.

Habits of the Heart

Did you know that one third of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions? The other two thirds, (if they’re anything like me, whoops…) are the ones saying, “Yeah, right. I belonged to that 33.3%

Faith Works

I am surprised to even be writing this blog, being that the end of the world has already supposed to have happened on December 21st 2012, according to the Mayan calendar.

The Unexpected Christmas

“And in despair I bowed my head There is no peace on earth I said For hate is strong and mocks the song Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

The Present Problem

The end of yet another semester! The last few weeks of fall term are nothing but a cruel tease; how is anybody supposed to focus

Reflections on Sandy Hook

In light of recent events, I feel it necessary to address the incident that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Sex Is…Complicated

I worked at my church in Irvine, CA to run the Junior High Ministry for the summer. Due to budgeting reasons, our church had to let both our Junior High and High School Directors go.


Frankly, this probably was not the best week for me to be in charge of the Lighthouse blog post. School is really busy right now; I’m. stressed. out. I don’t feel well.

A Beacon of Light

Ask any up and coming college student what part of college that they are most excited about and you will

Why I Joined the Team

My experience with Lighthouse has been great! I have been challenged in ways that I never thought possible and I love the growth that I have encountered in my faith. Growing up with a Christian background I was never asked “why?”

Dysfunctional Prayer

Looking around, I notice that we are quite the dysfunctional bunch. It’s 8:10 PM. Kyle is hunched over and smelling the spilled coffee on his knee.

The Story Unfolds

Stories Worth Telling is the topic we’re exploring this semester, and while the messages focus on biblical stories, we accompany those accounts with anecdotes from our own Lighthouse members

Increasing Faith

Maintaining faith in college is not a particularly easy thing. With the hub-bub of common college culture, it is sometimes difficult to find one’s place and identity within the realms of faith.

A Place of Understanding

This past Tuesday, Lighthouse held an adapted “Stations of the Cross” service during which we listened to music and read scripture that depicted

Faith and Fellowship

I have always found the Bible verse that reads, “for where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them,” (Matthew 18:20) a little unsettling.

A Time for Learning and for Embracing Diversity

As many of you know, a group of Lighthouse students went on a Service Trip to the Yakama Indian Nation over Spring Break. As the intern in charge of the trip, I had been anticipating and planning it for a long time, but I did not know exactly what to expect.

Finding Time for Words

Void, that’s where I am. No time. No reflection. Nothing to create. I must begin anew. Here is my attempt. I shall falter, I shall stumble.


God is Doubtable. What I mean to say is that God is so big, so powerful, and so abstract that one cannot help but doubt

Does Pain Have a Purpose?

First off, I’d just like to say that this is my first blog post ever! For those of you who know me, you know that I’m not a big fan of making public statements

Don’t Get Comfortable

“Don’t get comfortable. I am going to move this mountain, then I’m going to move you in.” While I, ironically, have never actually been the biggest fan of Christian radio, I think Brandon Heath is on to something here

In the Image of God

A few years ago, The Used began their sophomore album with a scratchy recording of man with a reassuring voice saying, “Life’s greatest questions have always been: Who am I?

A New Year for Lighthouse

Tuesday nights are the most life-giving and fulfilling part of my week. God has been moving within Lighthouse Christian Fellowship at UPS in such a real way.

Crisis in the New Year!

There’s a nasty rumor going around that we just don’t read newsletters anymore. I understand, we are busy people with a lot of information coming at us. The solution?

The Financial Picture

What a wonderful difference a year can make! As you likely recall, this time last year a revitalized TCM Board was working diligently to bring life back to the ministry that had impacted so many hundreds of UPS students.

A Summer in D.C.

To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting the summer to inspire my relationship with God in any way. I was excited to meet new people, work part time in a law office and part time in the office of a delegate from Virginia’s General Assembly, see the museums and monuments, and network with politicians at happy hour.


Hello everyone! My name is Micah Coleman Campbell and I am the new full-time intern for TCM. I have to tell you I am extremely excited

A Letter of Introduction

After two and a half long months of anticipating my migration to Tacoma, it is my pleasure to finally write to you as the new Executive Director of Tacoma College Ministry.