Fall Retreat 2018

The first weekend of October, the Lighthouse community made the first trip of the year to Harbor Creek Lodge (more commonly known as “Jim’s Cabin) for our annual Fall Retreat. Fall Retreat is always a special time for the community to connect while building new relationships and strengthening old ones. Here is a collection of recaps and reflections from students who attended Fall Retreat.

  • I have just recently joined the Lighthouse community and thought of no better way to get to know the community than to go to Fall Retreat! The worship that we took part in every day and the wonderful practices that, Nathan Hollifield our guest and pastor at Create Commons, shared with us helped each of us get into a deeper relationship with ourselves, others, and with God.


  • ​Fall retreat was such a good break from the busy college life we all live and I’m taking away so many new friendships, and memories! My favorite memory was getting lost in the corn maze and seeing how quickly one of my teammates ran out when we saw the exit.


  • I love fall retreat because it’s always a warm place to relax and be. I loved sipping Russian tea and sharing stories together, snacking on pizza bagels and de-stressing after a month of classes.


  • One of my takeaways from Fall Retreat was being able to perform a deeper meditation with Nathan. Taking a long time to actively reflect and observe on parts of the self are extremely beneficial, and Nathan’s exercises in cultivating compassion were one such time.


  • Fall retreat is beautiful because at its core it involves spending quality time with the community. Through fostering these relationships, Lighthouse has become so much more than a club for me, but rather a space that I feel loved.


  • Fall Retreat for me was a meditative and inspiring time to connect back with myself deeply and truly. I really got to know myself and how I connect with others.


  • I absolutely loved the opportunity to get away from campus and spend time in a cozy, relaxing space while building relationships with others in the Lighthouse community. I especially loved winning ping pong, the corn maze, and spicy uno.


  • Beyond a rested soul, my biggest takeaway from this year’s fall retreat was a tangible and accessible spiritual grounding practice to incorporate into my daily life and spiritual practices. It was phenomenal to learn from such amazing and innovative teachers, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time as a community outside of our hectic campus worlds


  • I went into Lighthouse’s Fall Retreat hoping to have it be relaxing, healing and friendship building. And all three of them happened. It was relaxing, a lot of internal healing took place, and I came out with some amazing new friends!