A New Beginning

Kayla Hipp, Full-time Intern

Who knew writing a casual, fun yet engaging blog post could be such an intimidating task? College did not prepare me for this kind of laid back, relatable writing without any footnotes or cited evidence. This past month, I’ve had to navigate all kinds of new and unfamiliar situations as I have been transitioning into my role as the full time intern for Tacoma College Ministry. Transitioning can be tricky and uncomfortable, but transitions can also be an awesome time to learn lots and create new beginnings.

I love learning, whether it’s through reading, talking, or doing and I have been getting to do all those things in the past few weeks. I’m learning a lot about how to be a supportive resource for students, how to ask for help, and how to use fun websites to design posters. I’m also learning that I really enjoy creating new things. This week, Bri taught me how make crafty posters to advertise events and we made an awesome photo icon for students to take pictures with at the Identity Expo and LogJam. I loved the experience of working on a project, not knowing how it will turn out, and then being incredibly proud when the finished product looks way cooler than anything I expected.

The process of creating art reminds me of the process of beginning a new journey. I’m beginning a new journey with familiar places and people, but I am unsure of how the year will turn out. All the little pieces of the Divine Shines in you icon remind me of all the little, moving pieces involved in any new journey. It is easy to get caught up in the particular placement and appearance of each piece, but it is ultimately what happens when all the little pieces come together that create something beautiful. At one point during the creating process when Bri and I were trying to make sure everything was centered on our poster, Bri reminded me that the mosaic would not be exactly symmetrical and perfect, but that is what gives the icon its charm. It looks like it was made with care and creativity, and its all the little pieces together that make it beautiful. While I am unsure how all the little pieces of my new journey will fit together, I am confident this is going to be an awesome year, with more opportunities to learn and create while I get to serve the incredible Lighthouse community.

While my new journey with TCM has already begun, I cannot wait for a new journey to begin when students to get back to campus in just one week and we finally have our first Lighthouse! I am so excited to see returning students and welcome new students to our community.