Welcome! Welcome Back! Hi.

Come, friends.
Come with your grief.
Come with your loss.
Carry all the pieces of your heart
and come sit with us.
Bring your disappointments
and your failures.
Bring your betrayals
and your masks.
We welcome you no matter
where you come from
and what you bring.
Come and join us
at the intersection of
acceptance and forgiveness
where you will find our
house of love.
Bring your empty cups
and we will have a feast.
― Kamand Kojouri


We are so excited to welcome returning students and new students back to campus!  We’ve been preparing for your arrival and we are excited to start this new journey through the coming school year with you.  We’re serious when we say all of what you are is welcome.  Whether you are confident in your faith, struggling with what you believe, or not sure there is anything at all– we welcome you.  In this life, we need partners for our journey.  And we hope we can join you on yours.

We want to welcome you to our first Lighthouse on August 29th at Kilworth Chapel Basement (don’t worry, it’s not too creepy for a basement).  If you’re in the mood for ice cream and meeting new folks, come by at 8 pm.  We’ll be serving up some sweet scoops.

Our regular worship service (think songs, poems, prayer, art, message) will begin at 8:30 pm.  There will be lots of folks there to welcome you and get you acquainted with our space and what a Tuesday looks like.

Good luck with all of the transitions ahead (or that you’re in the midst of).  We can’t wait to see you!