Spring Break 2016 Information

Spring Break 2016

What We Will be Doing

grayfont_logo_draft2-300x138We will be spending 6 days and 5 nights with S.L.A.M. TRIPS, a program of Mending Wings which is a nonprofit, Native American youth organization located on the Yakama Reservation here in Washington.

Half of our trip will consist of service projects such as chopping wood for elders, cleaning brush and garbage from yards, painting over graffiti, and painting houses. Students should expect the labor to be somewhat physical in nature but do not need to have any particular background in construction or other tasks to be able to participate fully. S.L.A.M. TRIPS describes this work in this way:

mending_wings_logo“We want to partner together to develop an attitude of mutuality and not superiority with one another. It is our hope that your group will build relationships and receive teachings on our reservation that extend beyond their comfort zone and work in them to develop servants’ hearts and an appreciation for a new culture.” 

The other half will consist of a cultural orientation of sorts, facilitated by local Native Americans. We will spend time listening and learning about the Yakama Nation and the painful history that exists between native communities and White, European, Christian settlers. We will spend time hearing stories, visiting historic sites, and attending cultural events to learn more about the people, the history, and the present struggles of the tribal community.

These cultural experiences may include Pow-Wows, participation in a Native American worship service (guaranteed to be VERY different from the church service you’re used to), and a traditional salmon and Indian fry bread dinner with singing and dancing from local Native youth.

“Because we love the church so much, and we love our people so much, we so desire there to be reconciliation between the two. We desire there to be healing from past abuses and injustices. We love the church too much to let her continue to abuse and treat our people unjustly.”  – S.L.A.M. TRIPS

Join us for an Interest Meeting immediately following Lighthouse on January 19th. We will have plenty of information, take time to answer questions, and will be able to start collecting payments.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Service Coordinators, Megan and Haila



We are estimating that the total cost of the trip will be $425. The total cost  depends on the number of people as transportation costs will change depending on the number of students.

Tuesday January 26th: Initial Deposit of $150 

        *This payment will confirm your spot on the trip.

Tuesday February 23rd: Final Payment $275

        *This amount may alter depending on transportation cost. 


Dates: Saturday March 12th- Thursday March 17th
Total Cost: $425 *See payment plan below
What’s included: Transportation, Food, Lodging, All Programming, Activities, and Instruction

At Lighthouse, we are rooted in five core values that we believe to be foundational to the Christian faith: Worship, Connect, Think, Create, and Live. Service is an act of worship, it is how we connect with God, others and ourselves. Service is God’s invitation to see what breaks God’s heart, and to dare to let it break yours too. 

Why Spend Spring Break on a Service Trip?

When so much of the college experience is inherently self-serving, how can we be intentional about serving others? It might be unrealistic right now for you to frame your schedule around a L.O.S.T. team, but what about that great, academics-free, 9-day haven known as Spring Break?