What is “On the Table”?

Since 2010, we’ve been hosting an interfaith dinner and dialogue on campus called On the Table. This meal allows us to bring people of all faiths together to discuss important religious and social issues, like sex, ethics, war, and most recently artificial intelligence. We want to provide a safe place for students to delve deeper into topics that are often discussed in class, ensuring that at least around our tables a person’s religious experience is always welcomed as a valuable perspective.  For Lighthouse regulars, On the Table is an extension of our community, where students have the opportunity to apply their faith to real world situations and challenges.

Chris Kiley is a first year student at Puget Sound who began coming to Lighthouse after he visited our first On the Table.  He had this to say about his experience at our dinners, “I myself am an agnostic atheist and have often surrounded myself with people who have similar beliefs.  Going to things like On the Table allows me not only to become educated about others’ faith… but allows me to question what I believe without being pressured”.  On the Table is just one more way that Lighthouse brings community together on campus and keep people talking about faith.

If you’d like to support this part of our ministry, we are looking for people who can donate a meal for 30-50 students.  You can also sponsor a meal prepared by our students for $150.  Contact Katie for information on donating a meal.