Hello, My Name is David

Hello. My name is David, and I am not a quitter.

Hello. My name is David, and I am very proud.

I think one of the greatest character flaws I struggle with on a daily basis is my seemingly uncanny ability to take none of the advice given to me by friends, parents, mentors and, ultimately, God Himself. I often will brag; telling people how I never quit once I have started something. However, this is not because of my fantastic work effort (which I do not have) or a fear of the unknown and what my future may hold (carefree college student here). Instead, it is about my pride. Quitting, asking for help, telling people that I may truly not know how to proceed is not in my vocabulary, and this semester that has all come crashing down on me.

This semester I have been diagnosed with a chronic disease, missed my midterms because of it, and have spent the better part of six straight weeks attempting to catch back up. I have been physically exhausted, mentally strained, and academically behind. The only way I could proceed, in any capacity, was to check my pride and  ask for help. Which was surprisingly still very challenging, even given my current situation. So I swallowed my ego, and began to let people into my life, into my situation, and ask for help. The resulting flood of support from professors, friends and parents have made it very clear that this pride is truly toxic: that all these people in my life were willing to help me in my time of need, and all I had to do was ask.

Hello. My name is David, and I am Blessed.