Invested for Life

Last week we conducted interviews in order to hire two new student interns for next year’s leadership team. While these interviews are obviously about new leaders, they have also provided me with a context for personal reflection and have reaffirmed for me that what Lighthouse does is incredibly valuable.

Last year I was on the other side of this process, applying and being interviewed, anxiously waiting to hear if I had been hired or not. This entire year, however, I’ve seen how much time and energy all of leadership devotes to this community, and these interviews have served as a reminder to me of why I am willing to do so. It can often be easy in the midst of the semester, when the rest of life amps up, to lose sight of what it is leadership and Lighthouse as a whole are working to provide to this community. A common theme brought out by each interviewee is how Lighthouse has impacted them, what Lighthouse means to them, and why they want to be a part of shaping its progress. It’s beautiful to be reminded of what we are all here for.

Our community believes in the goals of Lighthouse, believes in what Lighthouse stands for, and is so invested in the longevity of Lighthouse. Throughout the community, people devote their time, energy, and finances to ensuring that it will exist ten, twenty, even thirty years from now. I was telling Cody the other day that even though I intend to move to Washington DC after college, I fully intend to remain involved with TCM and Lighthouse. This community has changed me. Many of my best friends and mentors are from Lighthouse and my involvement in this community is for life.

We have exceptionally active members, both current students and alumni. People are active listeners and learners, active friends, active in seeking out what else this community has to offer. Sitting and hearing from our interviewees how Lighthouse has impacted them in such a positive way, that they are now invested in its future, is evidence to me that Lighthouse is doing something right. And rather than feeling drained by the end of a long year, I find myself unbelievably excited for the future of Lighthouse.

Even greater things are to come.