The Hidden Magic of Fall

To me one of the most wonderful sensations comes from walking around on that perfect autumn day. Many people say this is because that the air is just crisp enough, the leaves just pretty enough and the daytime just bright enough to let your body know that it is going to be a wonderful autumn day.

For me? I spend so much time being excited that I am not stuck behind a desk furiously trying to finish something I should have started two weeks ago before it is due for midterms that I tend to love simply existing outside my dreary dorm or the silent library. To me, the mere sounds of being outside and the feeling of sunshine (or, let’s be honest, that lovely drizzle we Pacific Northwesterners define our lives by) are enough to make me smile. To me, that simple walk outside, to see and hear what God has put onto this Earth that is so simple, yet so beautiful at times, permits me to forget so many of thesethings that I let define who I am and what I care about. And I love every second of it.

To all the students, parents or others who may be reading this blog post, I highly encourage you to just step outside for a minute. Literally, if need be. Actually take a step outside and stand there, and look around. You may say that it is too dark out, or that it is raining, or that you are just too busy and too exhausted to get up from your computer to do this. All of these reasons are valid excuses to simply move on with your work after you move away from this browser and go back to Facebook (yes, you procrastinating college student. But I encourage you to trust me, and just to step outside for but a minute. The smell of the beautiful air, the colors of the leaves, and the sounds of the city let us all take a second to hit our own personal pause buttons, and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.