Six More Tuesdays

I did not grow up in the church. My family didn’t go to church. This one time my friend tried to convert me to Mormonism, and I was like, “sure” and my mom was like, “no.” That was about as close as my mom and I ever got to having a “religious talk.” We were both super cool with that, too.
There wasn’t anything missing in my life.

When I got to 7th grade, it was the end of the year at a new school, and I was just beginning to feel really comfortable with a group of kids (who are still some of my best friends), and one day they asked me to study with them. Thinking I was going
to one of their houses, I hopped on the bus with them, and the bus dropped us off at this ugly brown building. Seriously ugly. We walked inside, turned left down the hall, then made a right down another hall. We passed an open door. My friends all stopped, and in unison, I kid you not, they said, “Hey Father Jim!” Trying to keep my eyes from bulging out of my head, I thought “…I’m in a church. What.” But still, we went up to the youth room and we did our homework. Then it was 5:30. Time for choir! Ooooookay well, guess I was going to choir. 6:30! Time for dinner. “Oh I really have to go–” Nope. I was staying for dinner. Finally, it was 7:30. Time for youth group. Woooooooah there cowboy, I couldn’t stay for youth group! I didn’t even believe in God! I didn’t know anything about the Bible except the chapters (lol) were named after dudes! But I stayed.

There you have it folks. The only reason I ever came to church was due to peer pressure. I guess the cool part of the story, though, isn’t why I came to church, it was why I stayed.

I’ve told some people this, but the way I feel closest to God is through singing. At my church back home (the one I was peer pressured into going to), the music
director is remarkable. He is well known throughout the United States (no joke). He was the first person who made me feel as though I could touch someone with
my singing. That freaked me out! I could change someone through my singing? No. Get out of here. As I started singing with the church more and more, I started
realizing that I was believing what I was singing about, and people saw that I was believing what I was singing. So, subsequently, they believed what I was singing
too. As the years passed, my love for it never changed, but the excitement went away. It wasn’t new and powerful anymore. It didn’t quite have the spark of awesome that is so fun to feel. Cody, Kyle, Soup and I have started a project (I won’t tell you what… but it’s super cool) for worship this year. It pulls me back to when I first started singing at church, full of excitement and passion. I cannot wait to share it with all of you at Lighthouse! It’s going to be something special. I think
it will give everyone a reason to re-evaluate why they are excited to worship, and will put a new spin on things.

Good night Lighthouse, and I will see you in 6 Tuesdays! (Get pumped.)