Questions and Answers

I think everyone comes to college with questions: Who am I going to be friends with? Where am I living? Is my roommate crazy? Are classes hard? What am I going to major in? And I certainly had these questions too, but I also had questions about my faith: What did I believe? What did I want to believe? What did I think was truth? How was I going to incorporate faith into my new lifestyle? Was I going to incorporate faith into my new lifestyle?

I had been raised in the Church my entire life, and while I struggled with defining my personal faith, I knew that I believed in God. So, the answer to that last question was a definite yes: I knew that I wanted to continue incorporating faith into my college life. But this led to the question of how do I do that?

I found my answer in Lighthouse. Now, to be clear, I have not found all of the answers, but I have found a meaningful way to incorporate and explore faith while at school. The joy that I find on Tuesday nights—through worship, fellowship, and pizza at the Cellar—is a highlight of my week. It has become a constant in a hectic and busy life. Lighthouse doesn’t just happen on Tuesday nights either: anytime I walk around campus, I’ll encounter someone from the Lighthouse community. Just wander in to Oppenheimer or Diversions and you’re practically guaranteed to find someone. I know that my Lighthouse family will always be behind me, ready to love me, encourage me, and pray for me when I need it, and I do the same for them. I love these people and they inspire me on a daily basis.

The community of Lighthouse, their love and encouragement, have empowered me to begin building my own faith, rather than continuing to simply go through the motions of faith. For so long, I had let my faith be determined by my parents, my pastors, and my peers. Faith had become a routine, rather than an action. Conversations with Cody and at Unplugged prompted me to deeply examine my own beliefs. I don’t know the answers to a lot of my questions about God and faith, but I want to try and answer them, and Lighthouse is a place where I can work towards that.

I’ve grown so much in just one year that I can’t begin to imagine what great things are in store for this next year. I can’t wait to serve on the Leadership team this year. This community has done so much for me and I am eager to give back and continuing being a part of this amazing group of people.