It’s today. I’ve been dreading today. What a stupid day. What a stupid tradition. I hate this. This is humiliating.

I know what I did. What I don’t know was if this was all worth it. Of course I had my doubts. They told me that I’d be a hero. “You’re only a murderer if they win,” they told me. “We’ll be on the right side of history,” they assured me. Well I’m on the wrong side of these godforsaken bars.

I’ve been dreading today.

Pilate will call out my sins to a sea of faces who already hate me. Reminding them, as if they’d forgotten, who I am and what I did. Then he’ll ask them if they want to release me, or some poor thief. Or drunk. Or something. I don’t actually know who they’re pitting me against. Lucky ****.

What a stupid day.

God, they’re loud. Of course they are. They’re pissed. I’d be pissed at me too.

There he goes.

I hate this.

I hate hope. I shouldn’t have let myself hope. After a…

… No.

You’re kidding me. You’ve got to be kidding me. What the hell did this guy do?

Turns out he doesn’t know either. Wow, they are REALLY ANGRY. Is this for real?

Must be. Apparently I’m free to go. No one is chasing me. No one is yelling at me. I kind of wish they would. I’m so confused.

Who was he? What on earth could he have done to make them so angry?

Why should he die in my place?