A Letter From a Lighthouse Mom: Praying and Letting Go

“So, Son, you are telling me that you want to go to a liberal arts college 1,500 miles away from home?  A college that does not assert a church or denominational affiliation, let alone have the word Bible in its name?”

As a Christian mom, having tried my best (with my husband) to raise my son as a Christian, I had prayed about my son’s college choice, knowing that God would undoubtedly lead  him to a church-affiliated school, preferably here in Minnesota  (but I was willing to negotiate with God on that).  Imagine my surprise when God made it very clear that Kyle should attend University of Puget Sound.  In Tacoma.  In Washington.

When Kyle left for UPS in the fall of 2011, my prayers for him increased exponentially. Was his faith real, or did he attend and participate in his home church simply because his parents expected it of him?  What choices would he make now that he was responsible for himself?  Would he immerse himself in sex, drugs, and rock and roll; or find a Christian fellowship he could be a part of?

As Kyle started sharing about his new life in Tacoma, he would frequently talk about TCM and some guy named Cody.  As time passed, we heard that Kyle is now leading worship for Lighthouse, he is attending retreats and regularly making time for “Man-Night” fellowship.  Kyle’s active participation in TCM continued throughout his freshman year.  When I flew out to bring him home for the summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Cody Lail, and to thank him for his investment in my son’s life.

Now, with this second year of college more than half-over, I see Kyle continuing to serve the Lord through TCM.  He has learned leadership lessons (some of them have been difficult) and he has been exposed to other ways to express and embrace the Christian faith.  While we do not always agree on some of the non-essential tenets (really Son – I do think God cares about the use of language) I have seen Kyle make the faith he was raised in his own.

I am very grateful to TCM and  Cody for giving my son the opportunities to serve and lead and grow and change as he “continue to work out (his) salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).

Many thanks to Wendy for sharing both Kyle and her story with us!