Pray Incessantly?

So. We just had Lighthouse Unplugged this week, and we focused on the topic of prayer. If I’m being at all honest, I was pretty certain that we would have a fairly homogeneous group that agreed, more or less, on what prayer was, the general way of going about actually doing it, and to whom we were praying.

I was right.

HOWEVER… This was probably my favorite Unplugged night thus far.

The night started with an optional prayer portion in the multi-faith room a half hour before the dinner and discussion portion actually began. We went around in a circle and those who were comfortable shared what prayer means to them and what it often looks like in their own lives. Some shared songs, others shared challenges they face when it comes to prayer, some shared passages from scripture, and others prayed aloud in their own style. It was personal. It was connecting. It was honest.

I was challenged greatly to think outside my own box that I’ve constructed in terms of what prayer is to me and what it looks like in my life. God shouldn’t be put in a box – I believe He’s bigger than anything I could even attempt to wrap my mind around – so my prayer life shouldn’t be constricted to one format or definition either. The Bible says to “pray incessantly.” I was challenged to make my life a living prayer, and that doesn’t necessarily mean having a “Dear-Jesus-Help-Me-Pass-This-Test-I-Didn’t-Study-For” or “God-Please-Guide-Me-In-This-Area” or even a “Lord-Reveal-Yourself-To-Me” type of monologue going at all times. Sometimes prayer means taking the most mundane, seemingly worldly things we experience and do and offering them up as a form of worship. Sometimes prayer isn’t always “prayerful.” Sometimes it means taking a step back and being silent, simply sitting with God in His presence, allowing Him to be the One to speak.

If you would like to talk to Chloe about this or anything else, join her for her next cafe hour in Oppenheimer next Thursday (3/7) from 1-2pm.