The Case for Love

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been sitting here, staring at a blank word document; typing a little bit, reading it again, then deleting it only to stare at the white screen once more. Normally I am rather gifted with words, they often come to mind readily when I set myself to it. But the events of this past week are not ones that are easily expressed in words.

I could tell you about the sudden emptiness I felt when I received news that my parents were getting a divorce.

I could tell you about the numbness.

The thoughts and questions racing through my mind.

The pain.

The hurt.

The anger.

The sorrow.

But the words on the page would contain none of the true emotion, for I am not a gifted enough writer, and shackling my wandering thoughts to the ink on the page is currently beyond my physical and mental capabilities. I am still too raw and too numb.

But what I can tell you about is where I found refuge from all of this, and that place was Lighthouse. This community of people jumped at the opportunity to help me in a time of need. It was through the prayers, the hugs, and all the words of encouragement and support that I found a sense of peace and hope in the messiness of my life. Surrounded by friends who laid their hands on me and prayed, it was there that I could feel the whisper of God telling me that I could trust in Him even though I hurt; telling me that there IS a love that never fails, even when the case for love seems hopeless. God has been, and remains so, my strong tower; but a prominent way in which He reveals this is through the support of good friends and precious loved ones who readily help one see the light in the dark.

So instead I want to talk about the Hope.

The love.

The friendship.

The faith.

The trust.

Because all of these; this is the light that trumps all the darkness. And even though I am downcast and heartbroken, I know that love never fails when that love is invested in and centered on God, and that is a promise I can find safe haven in.

If you would like to talk to Ashley about this or anything else, you can catch her in Diversions at her next cafe hour Tuesday, February 19th, 3:00-4:00pm.