Cheerleading Squad

Let’s be honest, new semesters are a mix of pure joy and pure hell. After being home for five weeks, it seems like everyone just wants to come back to the beautiful Puge, be with friends, live on their own again, and start going day to day on their own schedule. On the flip side, there are these awesome things called “school work” and “class” which are a completely foreign concept after those five weeks at home.

However, if you were to cancel out all of the negative connotations that come along with a new semester, one of the brightest parts of coming back to Tacoma is that I can walk into Diversions Café at almost any point in the day, and find at least one lovely face to greet me with a random piece of information no one or their mother would ever need to know, a hug, or even just a look of encouragement as I rush out off to class with my Duke of Earl practically spilling out of my cup. While the hugs or kind words are great, sometimes the looks of encouragement are almost better. Because silently, you have someone cheering you on, who obviously knows the exasperated feeling that you are experiencing at that moment. You have a cheerleader.

God has this way of inserting himself in a way that is utterly surprising and also timed perfectly. Charles Spurgeon, this guy from the 1800’s, was a super preacher who influenced a ton of people of all different denominations with his beliefs, and one time, I stumbled upon a quote by him and I was dumbfounded by how accurate it actually was: “God will not be absent when His people are on trial; he will stand in court as their advocate, to plead on their behalf.” I translate this quote into saying “God is that BFF who won’t let you go through anything alone”, and coming into a new semester, that is something that I’m trying to keep in the front of my mind. For me, spirituality is something that I’ve begun growing into, but one thing I’ve learned, though, is that I have my own little cheerleading squad any time of the day. Whether it be people in your class, or your mom, or someone who you just met after you embarrassed yourself by falling. In all honesty, I forget who the head cheerleader is sometimes, but he has these really cool ways of reminding me.

Today’s post is a first from Stephanie, our newest Lighthouse intern. To learn more about Stephanie and the rest of the leadership team, check out their lovingly crafted bios in the Contact page.

If you’d like to talk to Stephanie about cheer leading or anything else, you can catch her at her next Cafe Hour in Diversions on Wednesday, February 6th from noon to 1:00.