Faith Works

I am surprised to even be writing this blog, being that the end of the world has already supposed to have happened on December 21st 2012, according to the Mayan calendar.  Life has never been more exciting, scary and devastating all at the same time. Life as a college sophomore, with so many questions about my future coming from all angles can be stressful. Throughout the fall semester I constantly questioning, “Why me?”  I found myself entering deals with God that I am sure he didn’t enter in; I just assumed he agreed to. I thought for so long that if I did the right thing then I would get what I want or at least what I though God had promised me. Bringing in the New Year in church, with Jesus was the best NYE I have ever had.

The story of Jesus and his disciples on the Sea of Galilee captured me as my pastor elaborated about his experience in Jerusalem. When Jesus told Peter to step outside of the boat and his faith would allow him to walk on water alongside Jesus. I’ve heard this story many times before and it has never captured me as much as it did on December 31st. I have been in the boat too long questioning God, not stepping out on my faith and believing God for my victory.

With the New Year I wanted to change it up and instead of making a resolution I wanted to take action and actually step out on my faith and completely, unconditionally believe in the promise of a life more prosperous. I challenge you to do the same and get out of the boat, trust God and walk alongside him in the Sea of Galilee.

Happy New Year!