Why I Joined the Team

My experience with Lighthouse has been great! I have been challenged in ways that I never thought possible and I love the growth that I have encountered in my faith. Growing up with a Christian background I was never asked “why?”. Why do I believe what I believe? Coming to Lighthouse that question has come up a lot more.

My freshman year I was thrown out of my comfort zone and was able to blossom in innumerable ways. Being a part of Lighthouse for me was finding a family away from home where I felt comfortable enough to be myself. Having that foundation is important especially for a freshman 300 miles away from home.

One of the best times I have had with Lighthouse was Estrofest (the women’s retreat last spring). A big group of girls carpooled to Jim Lustig’s cabin and we shared personal stories and cooked dinner together. We did all the things my family did back at home. And, of course, we had tons of fun rollers skating… well, I mostly slid across the floor :).

Having that experience my freshman year, I wanted to help create those experiences for the next group of freshman, so I applied to be a part of Lighthouse leadership. I was so nervous because I felt that I didn’t know all of the leadership well, and maybe that would awkward. Boy was I wrong!

The students on leadership loved me and welcomed me. I was overjoyed when I discovered that I was chosen as the Fundraising and Alumni Relations Intern. I was excited to help out with fundraising, but was more happy to  have the opportunity to be a role model for incoming freshman.

I love Lighthouse and all the growth that is had brought to me and the other students alike. I look forward to the coming years and the  expansion of students who find a family in Lighthouse as I did!

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