A Beacon of Light

Ask any up and coming college student what part of college that they are most excited about and you will invariably get an answer relating to how they are going to live life differently than they did the previous eighteen or so years of their life. I was raised in a small, friendly town Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.  The prospect of leaving not only my family and friends behind, but also my church and the symbolic core of my faith, deeply worried me.

Soon after arriving on campus and attending several meetings of Lighthouse I discovered they were planning their annual fall retreat. I had a free weekend and this group of people seemed pretty great: why not?

The weekend spent up at Jim Lustig’s was incredible: I spent those three days not only having a lot of fun, but also bonding with fellow Christians who felt the same way  I did. From volunteering at L’arche farms to an incredible midnight worship session, I was able to really enjoy spending time with these people who not only wanted to have a good time, but to praise and worship God openly. Finding such people here really helped me feel more comfortable at Puget Sound, and I am joyful at the thought of being able to worship with them while on campus.

I know now that Lighthouse embodies what its name implies: a beacon of light to those who wish to remain spiritually faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though college is indeed a time for change, some things we aspire to hold on to. I intend to grip onto my faith even more tightly as I venture into the future, and I know that the Lighthouse leadership and members will be there to assist that relationship with Our Lord.

Special thanks to Cody Lail for filming and Sikander Sohail for editing the video!