God Doesn’t Need You, and Why That’s Awesome

The following blog post may bring you no new information, and may or may not make you roll your eyes and sigh a hefty “So?”, arising like a chorus of so many angst-ridden middle-class teenagers. Or it might open your eyes a little bit. I really hope it’s the latter, but then again, I’m biased.

Allow me to begin by clarifying that anything I say in this post should be prefaced by the phrase “It is my belief that…” (unless it doesn’t make sense, like at the beginning of the previous sentence. Go ahead, try saying it. I’ll wait). I do not claim any of this as fact, and all the statements made are a result of my own personal interpretations and reflections. That said…

God doesn’t need you. I know. That’s weird. But he doesn’t.

A few lighthouses (lighthousi? Lighthoosen?) ago, we talked about the various identities of God. The sandwich maker, the judge/professor, the sword, etc. I decided to create my own metaphor to explain a God that at times I and many other Christians seem to see. God as a science fair participant. Bear with me here. Paws for a moment. Hibernate on it (sorry about the puns, they’re grizzly at best). Imagine for a moment that we’re all little cogs in God’s neat science fair invention. To get us to work properly, he bribes us with the joy of Heaven, and threatens us with the pain of Hell. Because this invention is being judged. He needs us to work properly.

That’s not the case. God doesn’t need us for anything. He can do anything. There is no higher power to judge him. We are not his tools. He. Doesn’t. Need us.

That can sound depressing.

Allow me to prescribe you a healthy dose of “why it’s not”.

We still exist. If our whole reason for existing was to fulfill God’s needs, this knowledge bomb of “He doesn’t need us” would mean that we don’t exist. But we totally exist. WHY?
There must be something keeping us around, and if it’s not God’s need, then it must be his want. Yup. God wants us bad, because he loves us so freaking much, we can’t even comprehend it. For God so loved the world, he sent his son to die. He gave you the sunrise, he gave you acoustic guitars, he gave you nutella. He gave you an instruction book on how to live an awesome life. Not because he needs you, but because he loves you so much. He thinks about you constantly. Or maybe he doesn’t think. I don’t know how He does stuff. But I do know why.

Because He who created me wants me to be a part of his life, his love, and his world. And that’s pretty awesome.

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