The Financial Picture

What a wonderful difference a year can make! As you likely recall, this time last year a revitalized TCM Board was working diligently to bring life back to the ministry that had impacted so many hundreds of UPS students. An interim was hired, funds were raised and a nationwide search for a new executive director commenced.

After winnowing through 48 applicants we were delighted to have Cody Lail accept the call and since his arrival on August 1st TCM has experienced an exciting resurgence! Sixty students are already attending Lighthouse, a retreat has been held and 6 new small groups have been formed… and that after only 6 weeks of school! So, for those who have supported TCM in prayer, counsel, encouragement and finance a massive thank you! It’s working…the corner has been turned and momentum is very, very positive. Still, we are only in the first quarter of “the contest” and have much work before us. To date we have raised about 30% of the funds needed and are operating in the black (Woohoo!). Soon, you’ll be receiving a letter outlining TCM’s budget and financial needs. Please grab onto the rope and pull hard with us as we support Cody, Micah and the student leaders as they bring the Good News to UPS.