Crisis in the New Year!

There’s a nasty rumor going around that we just don’t read newsletters anymore.  I understand, we are busy people with a lot of information coming at us.

The solution?  Use eye-catching words like “crisis” on the front page. Be assured! This is not (just) a ploy.  We, Tacoma College Ministry and Lighthouse are in crisis — in the very best sense of the word.  Crisis, at its root, means turning point– the stage in a process where the future is determined and met with either newfound hope or disappointment.

Today, I am overjoyed to share a brief picture of our current crisis. Tuesday nights at UPS are an exciting place to be. We have been able to return to the large group worship of our roots, with a full band and full seats. More importantly, however, we have students fully involved and invested in the community of Lighthouse. As many of you know, (because I or a board member kept leaving you voicemails), we scrambled for three weeks to find enough Core Group leaders to meet the unexpected needs of students! All told, we now have nine Core Groups up and running this year, two of which are new men’s groups!

In September, we escaped on Fall Retreat, where the theme was “Rhythm and Silence.”  We talked about what it means to structure our lives around the rhythm of God –  rather than fitting God into the chaos we establish.  We had an epic battle of Capture the Flag, served at L’arche Farms, and told stories at a mini “Moth Story Hour.”

With our recent surge in student involvement, we have also been able to get students off campus regularly to serve this beautiful city that some of us are just learning to call home.

At the first Lighthouse Unplugged of the new school year, sixty students of different faith backgrounds joined in a conversation about how our faiths can lead us into open and honest dialogue in situations where we disagree.

Yes, we are indeed in crisis.  And I am stuffed to the rafters with joy and hope as I peek around the corner of this turning point, and catch a glimpse of the things God will be doing on campus in coming years.