A New Year for Lighthouse

Tuesday nights are the most life-giving and fulfilling part of my week. God has been moving within Lighthouse Christian Fellowship at UPS in such a real way. Over the past couple months, I have grown in prayer and in fellowship through serving as the club president for this current academic year. At first, I stepped into the new position a little unsure of what to expect. As a junior, I have witnessed Lighthouse go through a number of different stages and phases, all of which have left me with the unshakeable conviction that God will absolutely provide.  This year, I have witnessed God doing just that in a number of ways. First, I am so excited to see how God has lead Cody to our ministry, and how He is continuously speaking through him each week. We are also excited to see Micah Coleman-Campbell, a Puget Sound alum, take on the role of Tacoma College Ministry intern for this year. God has also blessed our worship team with enthusiastic new musicians who are eager to share their gifts in music ministry!

I can feel that our greatest strength as a ministry is the very real sense of community that we have already begun to establish. In only two months, we have retreated together, participated in a service project at L’arche Farm, begun tutoring at Trinity’s after school program, helped out at the Young Life fundraiser, prayed together, and spent time relaxing, laughing, and talking as a group.  When I walk into a typical Tuesday service at Lighthouse, I am floored by the energy and the zeal that is bursting forth from this community. It is such a blessing to have such a special place on the Puget Sound campus to simply come together and worship our Father. I cannot wait to see what direction God will take us in next.